Call For Papers

Nazariyat, Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences is pleased to announce a call for papers for its tenth issue to be published in May 2019.

Nazariyat, published its first issue in October 2014, is a refereed international biannual journal in English and Turkish. It publishes original studies, critical editions of classical texts and book reviews on Islamic philosophy, kalām, theoretical aspects of Sufism and the history of sciences. The goal of Nazariyat is to contribute to the discovery, examination and reinterpretation of theoretical traditions in the history of Islamic thought, with giving special attention to the post-classical period.

Nazariyat welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts on Islamic philosophy and sciences and invites submissions for its tenth (5.1) issue. The intellectual outputs are hoped to serve the needs of researchers specializing in the fields of Islamic intellectual traditions.

The deadline for article submission for the issue of May 2019 is February 28st, 2019. All articles should be submitted through the article submission system on the Journal’s website. Please read our Guide to Authors.