The New Īsāghūjī of Dāwūd Qārsī


The present article presents an edition of al-Īsāghūjī al-jadīd by the Ottoman scholar Dāwūd Qārsī (d. ca. 1756). The edition is prefaced with an introduction that gives the wider context of the work, a biographical overview of its author, and a survey of the contents and a comparison with the older Īsāghūjī of al-Abharī (d. 663/1265). Qārsī ’s work, around twice as long as Abharī’s original, is indicative of some of the major discussions that had taken place in the Arabic tradition of logic since the thirteenth century. The work is also noteworthy for the author’s emphasis on his work being a “new” (jadīd) version of an older handbook, indicating the positive valence given to the term jadīd by an Ottoman madrasa scholar in the mid-eighteenth-century.


Dāwūd Qārsī Īsāghūjī logic Ottoman philosophy ādāb al-bahth jadīd Birgevī